What is RewardsWallet?

Businesses can send rewards directly to you via your email address. You will need access to your RewardsWallet to manage, consolidate and redeem those rewards into gift cards. Whenever a business sends you rewards there will be a link to your own RewardsWallet.

How did RewardsWallet get my email address?

A company or web site that you are a customer of issued rewards to you using RewardsWallet. RewardsWallet will then notify you via email on behalf of that company or web site.

Where can I get rewards for my RewardsWallet?

RewardsWallet is used by a variety of different businesses, and the range of places you can earn rewards into your RewardsWallet is expanding regularly.

Are there any fees or charges for using RewardsWallet?

No, there are no fees or charges to use RewardsWallet. It’s entirely free to access and there are no charges to redeem your rewards either.

So I don't need to register an account?

There is no need to register or apply for a RewardsWallet. Your RewardsWallet is automatically created for you when a business sends rewards to your email address.

Can anyone else access my RewardsWallet?

Your RewardsWallet can only be accessed via a special secure link, and this link can only be sent to your email address. No one else can access your RewardsWallet unless they can access your email, or unless you forward the link to them.

So if someone has access to my email, then they can access my RewardsWallet?

Yes, each RewardsWallet belongs to the owner of that email address. Anyone who has access to that email is able to access the corresponding RewardsWallet. In addition, anyone with access to the secure link will have access to that RewardsWallet.

Can I have multiple RewardsWallets?

You can have as many RewardsWallets as you have email accounts. However we suggest using one email for RewardsWallet, as it will allow you to easily consolidate any rewards you earn.

What can I do with my rewards?

Once you have reached the minimum amount required for redemption, your rewards can be redeemed for an electronic gift card (e-gift card) sent to you via email. Your e-gift card allows you to redeem at a variety of major retailers and web sites. Your e-gift card can only be sent to the email address that your RewardsWallet is linked to.

What happens to the remaining balance after I redeem?

In RewardsWallet you can only redeem for an e-gift card that is a multiple of $5 (for example, $5, $10, $15, $20, etc.) If you have a remaining balance after redeeming, that remaining balance will be held for you in your RewardsWallet. As you accumulate even more rewards in future, you will be able to redeem that balance, so long as you have reached the minimum amount required for redemption.

Where can I redeem my e-gift card?

That depends on which country the rewards were issued in. See which merchants are available for your country:

AUAustralia NZNew Zealand USUnited States UKUnited Kingdom

Will my rewards expire?

Your rewards have no fixed expiry date. However your rewards will expire if there is no activity on your RewardsWallet for 24 months. To prevent your rewards from expiring, all you need to do is earn rewards, redeem rewards, or check the balance of your RewardsWallet at least once every 2 years.

Can RewardsWallet combine rewards from different sources?

Yes, rewards issued to you via RewardsWallet from any source within the same country are automatically combined into your RewardsWallet balance. Combining rewards allows you to maximise your rewards value and redeem sooner.

Can I receive rewards from different countries?

Yes, your RewardsWallet can manage rewards received from different countries. If you have a rewards balance in more than one country, after opening your RewardsWallet balance page, use the option in the top right hand corner of the web page to switch countries.

I received rewards from a different country, can I combine with or exchange for rewards in my own country?

Unfortunately rewards cannot be exchanged or combined between different countries. Only rewards issued within the same country can be combined.

I have changed my email address, can I transfer my rewards balance to a new email address?

This can be done, however a US$20 administration fee applies. Please contact us to find out more. Alternatively, we suggest that you just redeem all your rewards from your old email address rather than attempting to move your rewards to a new email address.

How can I use RewardsWallet in my business to reward my customers?

RewardSender is a powerful tool that lets a business or company add rewards to almost anything. It's simple, cost-effective and hassle-free. To learn more or to contact a sales representative, visit Unified Incentives.